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How to: Delete Load Test Results from a Repository

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When you run a load test, information that was gathered during the run is stored in the Load Test Results Repository. The Load Test Results Repository contains performance counter data and information about any errors. For more information, see Managing Load Test Results in the Load Test Results Repository.

You can manage load test results from the Load Test Editor by using the Open and Manage Load Test Results dialog box. You can open, import, export, and remove load test results.

To delete results from a repository

  1. From a test project, open a load test.

  2. On the embedded toolbar, click Open and Manage Results.

    The Open and Manage Load Test Results dialog box is displayed.

  3. In Enter a controller name to find load test results, select a controller. Select <Local - No controller> to access results that are stored locally.

  4. In Show results for the following load test, select the load test whose results you want to view. Select <Show results for all tests> to see all results for all tests.

    If load test results are available, they appear in the Load test results list. The columns are Time, Duration, User, Outcome, Test, and Description. Test contains the name of the test, and Description contains the optional description that is added before the test is run. The Description column displays the short descriptions that were entered in the Analysis Comments for this test result.

  5. In the Load test results list, click a result. You can use the Shift key, the Ctrl key, or both to select more than one result.

  6. Click Remove.

    The results are removed from the repository.


    The Open and Manage Load Test Results dialog box remains open after the results are removed.