How to: Tile Graphs in Load Test Results

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You can arrange load test results graphs in any of several patterns. You can tile up to four graphs both while a load test is running, or when the load test has completed using the Load Test Analyzer. For more information, see Load Test Analyzer Overview.

To tile load test results graphs

  1. In the Load Test Analyzer, click Graphs on the load test toolbar.

    This displays load test results in graphs.

  2. On the load test toolbar, click the down arrow next to the panels button.


    The name of this button, as indicated by the hover text for it, matches the last selection that was made with the button, such as Four Panels Grid.

    Clicking this arrow displays all the options for tiling the load test results graphs.

  3. Select a tiling option, such as Three Panels Weighted Right.

    The graphs are displayed in the tiling orientation that you chose.

  4. (Optional) To display a different graph in a particular position, select the graph you want, such as "Controller and Agents," in the drop-down list above the currently displayed graph.

    The graph that you chose is displayed in the position where you made the selection.

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