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operator<= (pair) (STL/CLR)

Pair less than or equal comparison.

template<typename Value1,
    typename Value2>
    bool operator<=(pair<Value1, Value2>% left,
        pair<Value1, Value2>% right);


Left pair to compare.


Right pair to compare.

The operator function returns !(right < left). You use it to test whether left is not ordered after right when the two pairs are compared element by element.

// cliext_pair_operator_le.cpp 
// compile with: /clr 
#include <cliext/utility> 
int main() 
    cliext::pair<wchar_t, int> c1(L'x', 3); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("[{0}, {1}]", c1.first, c1.second); 
    cliext::pair<wchar_t, int> c2(L'x', 4); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("[{0}, {1}]", c2.first, c2.second); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("[x 3] <= [x 3] is {0}", 
        c1 <= c1); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("[x 4] <= [x 3] is {0}", 
        c2 <= c1); 
    return (0); 
[x, 3] [x, 4] [x 3] <= [x 3] is True [x 4] <= [x 3] is False

Header: <cliext/utility>

Namespace: cliext

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