We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Customizing Profiling Tools Report Views

This section covers how to customize reports that are generated with Visual Studio Profiling Tools.


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Add, remove, and sort by columns in a report view: You can specify the columns that you want to display in table-based views, and you can specify the order in which the columns appear. You can also sort the rows of the report table by the column values.

Eliminate small functions from the report: You can eliminate functions that are smaller than a specified threshold from reports.

Filter the date in a report view: You can limit the data that appear in a report to a time segment of the profiling run. You can specify a time segment in the timeline graph of the Summary View, or you can specify the time segment in a query that you define in the report view filter. You can also filter the reports to show only functions that are defined in your code files.

Profiling Tools Report Views

Describes the views that you can use to analyze profiling data.