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How to: Set Breakpoints in Script

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In Visual Studio 2008, you can set a breakpoint in a server-side file. At runtime, the breakpoint is automatically mapped to a breakpoint at the corresponding location in the client-side file. Breakpoint mapping is subject to certain limitations. See Limitations on Script Debugging.

Client-side breakpoints persist across debugging sessions, even if you close Visual Studio.

To set a breakpoint in script file

  1. Open the server-side script file.

  2. On the line where you want to set the breakpoint,

    • Click the gutter on the left side of the source window, or

    • Right-click the line. Next, point to Breakpoint and click Insert Breakpoint.

    If you are in debug mode or break mode, the breakpoint is immediately mapped to the client-side file. If you are in design mode, the breakpoint is mapped when you start debugging.

To open a server-side script file

  1. In Solution Explorer, open the <Website Pathname> node.

  2. Double-click the script file that you want to view.

    The server-side script file opens in a source window.