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Include the STL/CLR header <cliext/functional> to define the a number of template classes and related template delegates and functions.

#include <functional>  

binary_delegate (STL/CLR)Two-argument delegate.
binary_delegate_noreturn (STL/CLR)Two-argument delegate returning void.
unary_delegate (STL/CLR)One-argument delegate.
unary_delegate_noreturn (STL/CLR)One-argument delegate returning void.
binary_negate (STL/CLR)Functor to negate a two-argument functor.
binder1st (STL/CLR)Functor to bind first argument to a two-argument functor.
binder2nd (STL/CLR)Functor to bind second argument to a two-argument functor.
divides (STL/CLR)Divide functor.
equal_to (STL/CLR)Equal comparison functor.
greater (STL/CLR)Greater comparison functor.
greater_equal (STL/CLR)Greater or equal comparison functor.
less (STL/CLR)Less comparison functor.
less_equal (STL/CLR)Less or equal comparison functor.
logical_and (STL/CLR)Logical AND functor.
logical_not (STL/CLR)Logical NOT functor.
logical_or (STL/CLR)Logical OR functor.
minus (STL/CLR)Subtract functor.
modulus (STL/CLR)Modulus functor.
multiplies (STL/CLR)Multiply functor.
negate (STL/CLR)Functor to return its argument negated.
not_equal_to (STL/CLR)Not equal comparison functor.
plus (STL/CLR)Add functor.
unary_negate (STL/CLR)Functor to negate a one-argument functor.
bind1st (STL/CLR)Generates a binder1st for an argument and functor.
bind2nd (STL/CLR)Generates a binder2nd for an argument and functor.
not1 (STL/CLR)Generates a unary_negate for a functor.
not1 (STL/CLR)Generates a binary_negate for a functor.

Header: <cliext/functional>

Namespace: cliext

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