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lower_bound (STL/CLR)

Finds the position of the first element in an ordered range that has a value less than or equivalent to a specified value, where the ordering criterion may be specified by a binary predicate.

template<class _FwdIt, class _Ty> inline
    _FwdIt lower_bound(_FwdIt _First, _FwdIt _Last, const _Ty% _Val);
template<class _FwdIt, class _Ty, class _Pr> inline
    _FwdIt lower_bound(_FwdIt _First, _FwdIt _Last,
        const _Ty% _Val, _Pr _Pred);

This function behaves the same as the STL function lower_bound. For more information, see lower_bound.

Header: <cliext/algorithm>

Namespace: cliext

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