hash_map::const_reverse_iterator (STL/CLR)


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The type of a constant reverse iterator for the controlled sequence..

typedef T4 const_reverse_iterator;  

The type describes an object of unspecified type T4 that can serve as a constant reverse iterator for the controlled sequence.

// cliext_hash_map_const_reverse_iterator.cpp   
// compile with: /clr   
#include <cliext/hash_map>   
typedef cliext::hash_map<wchar_t, int> Myhash_map;   
int main()   
    Myhash_map c1;   
    c1.insert(Myhash_map::make_value(L'a', 1));   
    c1.insert(Myhash_map::make_value(L'b', 2));   
    c1.insert(Myhash_map::make_value(L'c', 3));   
// display contents " [a 1] [b 2] [c 3]" reversed   
    Myhash_map::const_reverse_iterator crit = c1.rbegin();   
    for (; crit != c1.rend(); ++crit)   
        System::Console::Write(" [{0} {1}]", crit->first, crit->second);   
    return (0);   

[c 3] [b 2] [a 1]  

Header: <cliext/hash_map>

Namespace: cliext

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