transform (STL/CLR)


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Applies a specified function object to each element in a source range or to a pair of elements from two source ranges and copies the return values of the function object into a destination range.

template<class _InIt, class _OutIt, class _Fn1> inline  
    _OutIt transform(_InIt _First, _InIt _Last, _OutIt _Dest,  
        _Fn1 _Func);  
template<class _InIt1, class _InIt2, class _OutIt, class _Fn2> inline  
    _OutIt transform(_InIt1 _First1, _InIt1 _Last1, _InIt2 _First2,  
        _OutIt _Dest, _Fn2 _Func);  

This function behaves the same as the STL function transform. For more information, see transform.

Header: <cliext/algorithm>

Namespace: cliext

algorithm (STL/CLR)