This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Where to Go Next (C++)

Congratulations! You have completed the Guided Tour. You should now understand the various elements of the Visual Studio IDE, and be able to build, debug, test, and deploy applications that are written with Visual Studio. You should also know how to use the various kinds of applications that you can create with Visual C++, including command-line applications, Windows applications, and libraries.

The following links provide detailed information about the C and C++ languages, the libraries that are included with Visual C++, and the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment.

Visual C++ Libraries Reference

Contains reference material for the many libraries that are included with Visual C++, such as the C Runtime Library, the Standard C++ Library, ATL, MFC, and more.

C/C++ Languages

Provides information about the C and C++ languages, such as language keywords, language grammars, and more.

.NET Framework Class Library

Provides information about the interfaces and types that are included in the .NET Framework.

Application Development in Visual Studio

Provides support for creating projects, writing and debugging code, and deploying applications.

Common Programming Methodologies

Contains conceptual and task-based topics about Visual C++ programming.

.NET Programming Guide

Contains conceptual and task-based topics on Visual C++ programming in the .NET environment.

Building a C/C++ Program

Describes the various ways you can build projects by using Visual Studio.

Deployment (C++)

Describes how to ship your completed application to your customers.

Visual C++ Samples

Contains many complete applications that demonstrate the types of applications that can be built by using Visual C++.