This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Update in Progress Dialog Box (Visual Basic)

The Update in Progress dialog box appears when you have requested an action that requires project information that is not available because the project is being recompiled. Because the necessary information is not immediately available, you must either wait for the compilation to complete or cancel the requested action. Whether or not you decide to cancel the requested action, the update of project continues to compile in the background until it is completed. You can try to perform the action again later when the update is finished.

When the Update in Progress dialog box appears, you have two choices:



<do nothing>

The update of project information is completed, and the requested action is executed.


The requested action is canceled, but the update of project information continues until it is completed.

Many actions can trigger a project update. Examples include adding a new class, renaming an existing data type, and adding or removing a file. In most cases, the update occurs quickly, but sometimes making such a change to one project in a solution requires updates to other projects that depend on the changed project. For large solutions that have many dependencies, an update can cause a noticeable delay in responsiveness.

The dialog box provides a progress bar to show you how far the update has to go. This can help you decide whether to wait for it to complete or to cancel the requested action.

You might see this dialog box more than one time for a particular action. For example, an update might involve several projects in your solution. If the component responding to your requested action needs information from the other projects, you might see a dialog box for each attempt to access a project that is being recompiled.

Caution noteCaution

It is possible that other scenarios not mentioned here will raise this dialog box. You can use the link at the bottom of this topic to report documented experiences.