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MSDN Library

Sys.Application Methods



Sys.Application Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the Sys.Application Class.

Sys.Application.addComponent Method

Registers a component with the application and initializes it if the component is not already initialized.

Sys.Application.addHistoryPoint Method

Creates a history point and adds it to the browser's history stack.

Sys.Application.beginCreateComponents Method

Instructs the application to start creating components.

Sys.Application.beginUpdate Method

Called by the Sys.Application.beginUpdate Method to indicate that the process of setting component properties of the application has begun.

Sys.Application.dispose Method

Releases resources and dependencies held by the client application.

Sys.Application.disposeElement Method

Releases resources and dependencies associated with an element and its child nodes.

Sys.Application.endCreateComponents Method

Instructs the application to finalize component creation.

Sys.Application.endUpdate Method

Called by the Sys.Application.endCreateComponents Method to indicate that the process of updating the application has completed.

Sys.Application.findComponent Method

Returns the specified Sys.Component object.

Sys.Application $find Method

Provides a shortcut to the findComponent method.

Sys.Application.getComponents Method

Returns an array of all components that have been registered with the application through the addComponent method.

Sys.Application.initialize Method

Initializes the application and raises the load event.

Sys.Application.notifyScriptLoaded Method

Called by a referenced script to indicate that the script has been loaded.

Sys.Application.raiseLoad Method

Raises the load event.

Sys.Application.raisePropertyChanged Method

Raises the Sys.INotifyPropertyChange.propertyChanged Event.

Sys.Application.registerDisposableObject Method

Registers an object that will require disposing with the application.

Sys.Application.removeComponent Method

Removes the object from the application and disposes the object if it is disposable.

Sys.Application.unregisterDisposableObject Method

Unregisters a disposable object from the application.

Sys.Application.updated Method

Called by the Sys.Application.endUpdate Method as a placeholder for additional logic.

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