Understanding Testing Tools for Smart Devices

Visual Studio 2008

Smart device programmability installs components that extend testing capabilities from Visual Studio to device applications built on the .NET Compact Framework. See smart device components.

The testing functionality is inherited from Visual Studio. The set of inherited testing features depend on your edition of Visual Studio. If you are using Professional Edition, see Using Testing Tools in Visual Studio Professional Edition. If you are using one of the Team System editions, see Test Edition or Development Edition.


Smart device programmability is not supported in Visual Studio Express editions or Visual Studio Standard Edition.



Smart Device Test Projects

Tests for smart devices must reside in smart device test projects. Therefore, smart device testing tools add two new test project types (Smart device C# test project, Smart device Visual Basic test project) to hold tests for smart device applications.

Smart Device Unit Tests

Unit tests created in smart device test projects are known as smart device unit test. A smart device unit test verifies the correctness of managed code in Visual C# or Visual Basic smart device projects. For more information see, Working with Smart Device Unit Tests.

Unit Testing Framework (Devices)

Because unit tests for smart device projects run on a device, testing tools for devices includes a device-specific version of the Unit Testing Framework that runs on the .NET Compact Framework. The device Unit Testing Framework contains a subset of the types found in the standard Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting.

Smart Device Test Host

The smart device test host (SmartDeviceTestHost.exe) runs tests on the device much just as the default VSTestHost runs tests on the desktop. During a test run, Visual Studio deploys the smart device test host with your test onto the device and then runs the test under the smart device test host process. For information about how to select the smart device host, see How to: Specify a Test Run Configuration.

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