Compiler Error CS0314
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Compiler Error CS0314

Visual Studio 2008

The type 'type1' cannot be used as type parameter 'name' in the generic type or method 'name'. There is no boxing conversion or type parameter conversion from 'type1' to 'type2'.

When a generic type uses a type parameter that is constrained, the new class must also satisfy those same constraints.

To correct this error

  • In the example that follows, add where T : ClassConstraint to class B.

The following code generates CS0314:

// cs0314.cs
// Compile with: /target:library
public class ClassConstraint { }

public class A<T> where T : ClassConstraint
{ }

public class B<T> : A<T> //CS0314
{ }

// Try using this instead.
public class C<T> : A<T> where T : ClassConstraint
{ }
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