This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Error CS0736

Visual Studio 2008

'type name' does not implement interface member 'member name'. 'method name' cannot implement an interface member because it is static.

This error is generated when a static method is either implicitly or explicitly declared as an implementation of an interface member.

To correct this error

  • Remove the static modifier from the method declaration.

  • Change the name of the interface method.

  • Redefine the containing type so that it does not inherit from the interface.

The following code generates CS0736 because Program.testMethod is declared as static:

// cs0736.cs
namespace CS0736

    interface ITest
        int testMethod(int x);

    class Program : ITest // CS0736
        public static int testMethod(int x) { return 0; }
        // Try the following line instead.
        // public int testMethod(int x) { return 0; }
        public static void Main() { }