This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IInputIterator<TValue> Members

Visual Studio 2008

Interface for an iterator that is used to read a sequence from a container only in the forward direction. The element that the iterator points to can be read only one time, and it cannot be modified.

The IInputIterator<TValue> type exposes the following members.

Public method container Gets the container that the iterator is traversing. (Inherited from IBaseIterator<TValue>.)
Public method equal_to Determines whether two IInputIterator<TValue> objects are equal.
Public method get_bias Gets the bias of the iterator. The bias is the offset of the iterator from element zero. (Inherited from IBaseIterator<TValue>.)
Public method get_cref Returns a constant reference to the element that the iterator is currently pointing to.
Public method get_node Gets the node, or element, that the iterator is pointing to. (Inherited from IBaseIterator<TValue>.)
Public method next Increments the iterator to the next position in the underlying container, or to the first position beyond the end of container if the container has been completely traversed. (Inherited from IBaseIterator<TValue>.)
Public method valid Determines whether the iterator is valid and can be safely used to traverse the underlying container. (Inherited from IBaseIterator<TValue>.)