GrooveLocal.OpenPreferences Operation

The OpenPreferences operation opens a window with the account preferences to provide the user the ability to view or modify them.

The HTTP Post URL targets the service. This URI is a top-level HTTP Post URL that you supply directly; it is not returned as a value by another operation. There is no service-specific-data in this HTTP Post URL.

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Identity URL and the Groove Request key.

<DisplayTab /> 
Element Data type Description



Specifies the tab of the form to display.

  • 0 displays the Identity tab.

  • 1 displays the Account tab.

  • 2 displays the Alerts tab.

  • 3 displays the Options tab.

  • 4 displays the Synchronization tab.

  • This element is optional.

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the Response key.

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