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Transition and Effect Objects Provided by Windows Movie Maker

The two sections of XML in this section show the contents of the Windows Movie Maker private XML files. All of the built-in transition and effect objects are described here.

Each transition or effect object included with Windows Movie Maker may include one or more parameters that can be changed, or even subclasses with their own parameters. You do not have to set all parameters for an effect or transition you create, because every parameter has a default value.

For detailed information on the contents of the private XML file, and an explanation of both the customizable and non-customizable parameters of the built-in transforms, see Windows Movie Maker XML Extensibility.

Important   XML file parsing in Windows Movie Maker is case sensitive.

Note   You cannot use a transition object as an effect, or an effect object as a transition.

This section contains the following topics.

Topic Description
Built-in Transitions The XML code that defines the built-in transitions in Windows Movie Maker 6.0.
Built-in Effects The XML code that defines the built-in effects in Windows Movie Maker 6.0.

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