EffectsDistortion Structure (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound)

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Contains parameters for a distortion effect.


Visual BasicPublic Structure EffectsDistortion
C#public struct EffectsDistortion 
C++public value class EffectsDistortion sealed 
JScriptIn JScript, you can use structures, but you cannot define your own.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the object.


EffectsDistortion Initializes a new instance of the EffectsDistortion structure.
ToString Obtains a string representation of the current instance.


Edge Retrieves and sets the percentage of distortion intensity, in the EffectsDistortion structure.
Gain Retrieves and sets the amount of signal change after distortion, in the EffectsDistortion structure.
PostEqBandwidth Retrieves and sets the width of frequency band that determines range of harmonic content addition, in the EffectsDistortion structure.
PostEqCenterFrequency Retrieves and sets the center frequency of harmonic content addition, in the EffectsDistortion structure.
PreLowpassCutoff Retrieves and sets the filter cutoff for high-frequency harmonics attenuation, in the EffectsDistortion structure.

How Do I...?

Use Effect Parameters

This C# example demonstrates how to use the parameters of an effect object from a SecondaryBuffer object.

The buffer object in this code snippet is assumed to be the SecondaryBuffer from the code in Add Effects to a SecondaryBuffer Object.


//Retrieve the effects object and
//the effect param sturctures and edit parameters.
EchoEffect echo = (EchoEffect)buffer.GetEffects(0);
EffectsEcho echo_params = echo.AllParameters;

echo_params.LeftDelay = 250.0f;
echo_params.RightDelay = 100.0f;
echo_params.Feedback = 85.0f;
echo_params.PanDelay = 1;
echo_params.WetDryMix = 50.0f;

ChorusEffect chorus = (ChorusEffect)buffer.GetEffects(1);
EffectsChorus chorus_params = chorus.AllParameters;

chorus_params.Delay = 15.0f;
chorus_params.Depth = ChorusEffect.DepthMax;
chorus_params.Phase = ChorusEffect.PhaseNegative90;
chorus_params.Waveform = ChorusEffect.WaveSin;
chorus_params.WetDryMix = 50.0f;

//Set the new parameters and play the buffer.
echo.AllParameters = echo_params;
chorus.AllParameters = chorus_params;

Structure Information

AssemblyMicrosoft.DirectX.DirectSound (microsoft.directx.directsound.dll)
Strong NameMicrosoft.DirectX.DirectSound,  Version=1.0.900.0,  Culture=neutral,  PublicKeyToken=d3231b57b74a1492

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