HLSL Attributes (Xbox 360)

High-level shader language (HLSL) attributes are compiler hints that you can apply in your Xbox 360 shader code.

The HLSL compiler uses attributes to generate microcode in the manner specified by the attributes. HLSL attributes give the compiler more information about how to compile your shaders.

Use HLSL attributes to generate optimized microcode from HLSL source. For example, you can use HLSL attributes to control how branching statements are compiled into microcode, controlling the type microcode branching instructions that will be emitted. Using HLSL attributes, you can optimize your code and sometimes control the amount of microcode emitted.

HLSL attributes for Xbox 360 are similar to DirectX 10 HLSL attributes for Microsoft Windows.

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Attribute Categories
High-level shader language (HLSL) attributes for Xbox 360 are compiler hints that influence how microcode is generated from HLSL. Using the attributes, you can optimize how microcode is emitted and tune shader performance.
Attribute Syntax
High level shader language (HLSL) attributes use the following syntax.
HLSL Attributes Reference (Xbox 360)
This section contains reference information about high-level shader language (HLSL) attributes. The following HLSL attributes are implemented.

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