Sys.UI.Behavior Class

Provides a base class for all AJAX behaviors in ASP.NET.

Namespace: Sys.UI

Inherits: Sys.Component

var a = new MyBehavior();



Sys.UI.Behavior Constructor

When overridden in a derived class, initializes an instance of that class.



Sys.UI.Behavior dispose Method

Removes the current Sys.UI.Behavior object from the application.

Sys.UI.Behavior getBehaviorByName Method

Gets a Behavior instance with the specified name property from the specified HTML Document Object Model (DOM) element.

Sys.UI.Behavior getBehaviorsByType Method

Gets an array of behaviors that are of the specified type from the specified DOM element.

Sys.UI.Behavior getBehaviors Method

Gets a collection that contains the behaviors associated with the specified DOM element.

Sys.UI.Behavior initialize Method

Initializes the current Behavior object.

Sys.UI.Behavior element Property

Gets the DOM element that the current Sys.UI.Behavior object is associated with.

Sys.UI.Behavior id Property

Gets or sets the ID of the Behavior object.

Sys.UI.Behavior name Property

Gets or sets the name of the Behavior object.

A behavior is a component that extends the functionality of the DOM element that it is associated with.

The Behavior class should not be instantiated directly; it is a base class for other behaviors to derive from. For information about how to create custom behaviors that derive from this class, see Creating an Extender Control to Associate a Client Behavior with a Web Server Control.

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