Array.dequeue Function

Removes the first element from the specified Array object and returns it.

var firstElement = Array.dequeue(array);




The array to remove the first element from.

The first element of the array.

Use the dequeue function to remove the first element from an Array object. The index value of the remaining elements in the array is reduced by one.

The following example shows how to remove the first element from an array by using the dequeue function.

var myArray = [];
var result = "";
Array.add(myArray, 'a');
Array.add(myArray, 'b');
Array.add(myArray, 'c');
Array.add(myArray, 'd');
result = Array.dequeue(myArray);
// View the results: "b,c,d"
alert("Dequeue result: " + result + "myArray: " + myArray.toString());