Sys.Services.ProfileGroup Class

Defines a group.

Namespace: Sys.Services

Inherits: None

var profileGroup = Sys.Services.ProfileGroup(); 



Sys.Services.ProfileGroup Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the Sys.Services.ProfileGroup class.

The ProfileGroup class defines the type of an element as a group in the properties collection of the Sys.Services.ProfileService class. Profile group properties are accessed as subproperties of the related group, as shown in the following ECMAScript (JavaScript) example:

var Street =;
var City =;

The following example shows how to create a property group in JavaScript that is part of the properties collection. In the example, is of type ProfileGroup. = 
    new Sys.Services.ProfileGroup(); = 
    "street name"; = 
    "city name"; = 
    "state name";

You can also define a profile group in the Web.config file by using syntax such as the following:

  <profile enabled="true">
      <group name="Address">
        <add name="Street" type="System.String" />
        <add name="City" type="System.String" />
        <add name="PostalCode" type="System.String" />