PeerName.Equals Method (PeerName)


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Performs a case-sensitive comparison of the current PeerName and the specified peer name.

Namespace:   System.Net.PeerToPeer
Assembly:  System.Net (in System.Net.dll)

public bool Equals(
	PeerName other


Type: System.Net.PeerToPeer.PeerName

The peer name to compare with this PeerName.

Return Value

Type: System.Boolean

Returns True if the specified PeerName identifies the same resource as the current peer name object; otherwise this method returns False.

This method also returns False if other is set to null.

Two peer names are considered equal if they contain identical characters in their Authority and Classifier components.

No normalizations are performed on the strings prior to comparison. All normalization should have been completed while or before constructing the peer name objects.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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