RemoteArgument.CreateRemoteArgument Method (Object)


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Creates a RemoteArgument for an argument that is not passed by reference.

Namespace:   System.AddIn.Contract
Assembly:  System.AddIn.Contract (in System.AddIn.Contract.dll)

static member CreateRemoteArgument : 
        value:Object -> RemoteArgument


Type: System.Object

The argument that will be passed across process or application domain boundaries.

Return Value

Type: System.AddIn.Contract.RemoteArgument

A RemoteArgument that represents the specified argument.

Exception Condition

value is null.


The TypeCode of value is TypeCode.Object and value is not an IContract.


The TypeCode of value is TypeCode.Empty and value is not set to Missing.Value.


value does not implement the IConvertible interface and value is not an Array.


value is an Array that contains elements with a TypeCode value of TypeCode.Object.

This method calls the RemoteArgument constructor that applies to the type of the value parameter.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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