RemoteArgument::CreateRemoteArgument Method (Object^)


Creates a RemoteArgument for an argument that is not passed by reference.

Namespace:   System.AddIn.Contract
Assembly:  System.AddIn.Contract (in System.AddIn.Contract.dll)

static RemoteArgument CreateRemoteArgument(
	Object^ value


Type: System::Object^

The argument that will be passed across process or application domain boundaries.

Return Value

Type: System.AddIn.Contract::RemoteArgument

A RemoteArgument that represents the specified argument.

Exception Condition

value is null.


The TypeCode of value is TypeCode::Object and value is not an IContract.


The TypeCode of value is TypeCode::Empty and value is not set to Missing::Value.


value does not implement the IConvertible interface and value is not an Array.


value is an Array that contains elements with a TypeCode value of TypeCode::Object.

This method calls the RemoteArgument constructor that applies to the type of the value parameter.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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