Welcome to the Microsoft Office Groove 2007 Forms Developer Reference

You can develop forms-based applications in Microsoft Office Groove 2007 using either the Groove Forms tool or InfoPath Forms tool. Both tools enable you to create customized forms for displaying and entering data, and views to display custom collections of data.

Groove Forms tools allow you to create fields, forms, and views, and provide you with a framework for writing both forms-based scripts and macro-based scripts. You can also enhance the look of your forms by creating custom styles or by choosing out-of-the-box styles.

InfoPath Forms tools allow you to use InfoPath to create custom forms and import them into the tool. Promoted fields on the InfoPath form will be automatically created in the tool upon import, and these fields can be used to display values from the form in views. In the InfoPath Forms tool, only macro-based scripts are allowed.

This Reference describes how you can take advantage of the capabilities of both of these tools, and equips you with the information necessary to create complex applications. It describes how to develop scripts for the Groove Forms tool and macros for both the Groove Forms tool and InfoPath Forms tool.

Each form script is associated with a form, and can be executed on HTML DOM events or on Groove Forms tool events such as form initialization. Forms scripts have access to the HTML DOM, to the underlying record, and to the Groove environment.

Macros are scripts that are executed when the user explicitly runs them from a menu. The macro is executed once for each record in a set of records. The macro has access to the record, but there is no form present.

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