OpenViewIDByAlias Method

The OpenViewIDByAlias method returns the ID of the view with the specified alias.



i_Alias As String,

i_NameFallback As Boolean = False

) As Number

Parameter Description


Alias of the view to find.


TRUE to use the view name if not found by alias; FALSE otherwise.

The return value is the ID of the view.

If the i_NameFallback parameter has a TRUE value and the specified alias cannot be found, the method attempts to find a view with a display name equal to the i_Alias parameter value.

If you are developing scripts or macros that use the OpenViewIDByAlias method, you should define the specified name as an alias for the view. Although you can use the display name of the form, the method will not work if the display name is changed. If a Forms tool is being modified to work with different locales, the display name may be changed, but the alias should be unchanged.

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