We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Projects and Solutions

The topics in this section describe how to use Visual Studio projects and solutions to organize code files and resource files, and how to implement source control.

Projects (Visual Studio SDK)

Describes how to extend the Visual Studio project system.

Project Items (Visual Studio SDK)

Shows how to implement a custom tool and then run that tool whenever a project file that is associated with the tool is saved.


Describes how VSPackages can interact with solutions. Also describes how to extend Solution Explorer.


Describes how to integrate wizards into Visual Studio.

Source Control (Visual Studio SDK)

Discusses the options for implementing source control as an integrated feature of Visual Studio.

Templates for Creating Templates

Explains how to use the Project Template and Item Template templates.

Visual Studio Integration SDK

Introduces the Visual Studio SDK and discusses how to build products that run in and extend the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).