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Help Authoring and Integration

Updated: July 2008

The Help documentation provides information about how to use HelpStudio Lite to author Help content, connect it to a product, and integrate it into the Visual Studio Help collection. The documentation includes supplemental information about Help integration features that are not available with HelpStudio Lite.


The Help project type is no longer supported in Visual Studio 2005. Use HelpStudio Lite instead.

Getting Started with Help Content and Integration

Provides links to introductory topics about Help authoring and integration.

Help Authoring

Provides information about how to use HelpStudio Lite to author Help content.

Help Integration

Provides information about integrating and connecting context-sensitive Help.

Deploying a Help Collection

Describes how to deploy your Help collection using Windows installer merge modules.

Redistributing Help Files

Describes how to register and modify registration files for Microsoft Help 2.

Programmatically Interacting with Document Explorer

Describes how to create custom filters and program by using the Help2 object in Visual Studio macros, add-ins, and VSPackages.

Tutorial: How to Integrate Help Documentation into Visual Studio

Demonstrates how to author Help content and then integrate it into Visual Studio by using HelpStudio Lite.

User Interfaces

Explains how to use Visual Studio services to create UI elements that match the rest of Visual Studio.




July 2008

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