Matrix.OrthoRH(Single,Single,Single,Single) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Builds a right-handed orthogonal projection matrix.


Visual BasicPublic Shared Function OrthoRH( _
    ByVal width As Single, _
    ByVal height As Single, _
    ByVal znearPlane As Single, _
    ByVal zfarPlane As Single _
) As Matrix
C#public static Matrix OrthoRH(
    float width,
    float height,
    float znearPlane,
    float zfarPlane
static Matrix OrthoRH(
    float width,
    float height,
    float znearPlane,
    float zfarPlane
JScriptpublic static function OrthoRH(
    width : float,
    height : float,
    znearPlane : float,
    zfarPlane : float
) : Matrix;


width System.Single
Width of the view volume.
height System.Single
Height of the view volume.
znearPlane System.Single
Minimum z-value of the view volume.
zfarPlane System.Single
Maximum z-value of the view volume.

Return Value

Pointer to a Matrix structure that is a right-handed orthogonal projection matrix.


An orthogonal matrix is an invertible matrix for which the inverse is equal to the transpose.

All of the parameters of the OrthoRH method are distances in camera space. The parameters describe the dimensions of the view volume.

This method uses the following formula to compute the returned matrix.

2/width  0         0                                  0
0        2/height  0                                  0
0        0         1/(znearPlane-zfarPlane)           0
0        0         znearPlane/(znearPlane-zfarPlane)  1

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