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Matrix.op_Inequality(Matrix,Matrix) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Compares the current instance of a class to another instance to determine whether they are different.


Visual BasicPublic Shared Function op_Inequality( _
    ByVal left As Matrix, _
    ByVal right As Matrix _
) As Boolean
C#public static bool op_Inequality(
    Matrix left,
    Matrix right
static bool operator!=(
    Matrix left,
    Matrix right
JScriptpublic static function op_Inequality(
    left : Matrix,
    right : Matrix
) : boolean;


left Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix
The Matrix structure to the left of the inequality operator.
right Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix
The Matrix structure to the right of the inequality operator.

Return Value

Value that is true if the objects are different, or false if they are the same.

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