This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Language-Specific Properties and Methods

Office 2007

The Microsoft Office PowerPoint Visual Basic object model has language-specific keywords for use with Asian and right-to-left languages. The availability of these language-specific keywords depends on the language support you have selected or installed.

Language-Specific Properties and Methods

Properties and methods that are available only in Asian or right-to-left languages are listed in the following table.

Property or MethodObject
AutoRotateNumbers propertyFont
FarEastLineBreakLanguage propertyPresentation
FarEastLineBreakLevel propertyPresentation
FarEastLineBreakControl propertyParagraphFormat
HangingPunctuation propertyParagraphFormat
LayoutDirection propertyPresentation
LtrRun methodTextRange
NameAscii propertyFont
NameFarEast propertyFont
NameOther propertyFont
NoLineBreakAfter propertyPresentation
NoLineBreakBefore propertyPresentation
RtlRun methodTextRange
TableDirection propertyTable
TextDirection propertyParagraphFormat

Language-Specific Arguments

Properties and methods that are available in all languages, but that have one or more language-specific arguments, are listed in the following table.

Property or MethodObject
AddLabel methodShapes
AddTextBox methodShapes
Orientation propertyTextFrame
SaveAs methodPresentation
Bb265903.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
To enable the language-specific features in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you must be running a 32-bit version of the Microsoft Windows operating system that has support for that particular language—for example, the Arabic version of Microsoft Windows 95 has right-to-left support.