This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PrintRange Object

Office 2007
Represents a single range of consecutive slides or pages to be printed.


The PrintRange object is a member of the PrintRanges collection. The PrintRanges collection contains all the print ranges that have been defined for the specified presentation.

You can set print ranges in the PrintRanges collection independent of the RangeType setting; these ranges are retained as long as the presentation they're contained in is loaded. The ranges in the PrintRanges collection are applied when the RangeType property is set to ppPrintSlideRange.


Use Ranges(index), where index is the print range index number, to return a single PrintRange object. The following example displays a message that indicates the starting and ending slide numbers for print range one in the active presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
With ActivePresentation.PrintOptions.Ranges
    If .Count > 0 Then
        With .Item(1)
            MsgBox "Print range 1 starts on slide " & .Start & _
                " and ends on slide " & .End
        End With
    End If
End With

Use the Add method to create a PrintRange object and add it to the PrintRanges collection. The following example defines three print ranges that represent slide 1, slides 3 through 5, and slides 8 and 9 in the active presentation and then prints the slides in these ranges.

Visual Basic for Applications
With ActivePresentation.PrintOptions
    .RangeType = ppPrintSlideRange
    With .Ranges
        .Add 1, 1
        .Add 3, 5
        .Add 8, 9
    End With
End With