This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Presentation Object

Office 2007
Represents a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation.


The Presentation object is a member of the Presentations collection. The Presentations collection contains all the Presentation objects that represent open presentations in PowerPoint.

The following examples describe how to:

  • Return a presentation that you specify by name or index number
  • Return the presentation in the active window
  • Return the presentation in any document window or slide show window you specify


Use Presentations(index), where index is the presentation's name or index number, to return a single Presentation object. The name of the presentation is the file name, with or without the file name extension, and without the path. The following example adds a slide to the beginning of Sample Presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
Presentations("Sample Presentation").Slides.Add 1, 1

Note that if multiple presentations with the same name are open, the first presentation in the collection with the specified name is returned.

Use the ActivePresentation property to return the presentation in the active window. The following example saves the active presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications

Use the Presentation property to return the presentation that's in the specified document window or slide show window. The following example displays the name of the slide show running in slide show window one.

Visual Basic for Applications
MsgBox SlideShowWindows(1).Presentation.Name