This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Panes Object

Office 2007
A collection of Pane objects that represent the slide, outline, and notes panes in the document window for normal view, or the single pane of any other view in the document window.


In normal view, the Panes collection contains three members. All other document window views have only a single pane, resulting in a Panes collection with one member.


Use the Panes property to return the Panes collection. The following example tests for the number of panes in the active window. If the value is one, indicating any view other that normal view, then normal view is activated and the vertical pane divider is set to divide the document window at 15% outline pane and 85% slide pane.

Visual Basic for Applications
With ActiveWindow
    If .Panes.Count = 1 Then
        .ViewType = ppViewNormal
        .SplitHorizontal = 15
    End If
End With