This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

submitAllowed Attribute (submitToHostAdapter Element)

Office 2007

Specifies whether data can be submitted to the data source through the Submit method of the data adapter object



Parent Elements

Element Description
submitToHostAdapter Defines a data connection for submitting data to a hosting environment.


              <xsd:attribute name="submitAllowed" type="xsf:xdYesNo" use="optional" />


 Important   The submitToHostAdapter element was added to the XSF schema to implement Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 functionality and is not valid in the manifest.xsf file of a form template file that is meant to be compatible with InfoPath 2003.

The value of the submitAllowed attribute is always set to "Yes" for the submitToHostAdapter element.

Note   This element or attribute is optional in the form definition file (.xsf) of a form template deployed as a browser-compatible form to a server running InfoPath Forms Services.