This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

warnings Element

Office 2007

Contains warning elements that specify whether a category of message is visible in the Design Checker task pane.


<warnings />

Element Information

Element type xsd:complexType
Namespace xsf2

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements

solutionDefinitionRoot element for the elements defined in the xsf2 namespace. Specifies new properties and features that have been added to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form templates.

Child Elements

warningDefines whether a category of message is visible in the Design Checker task pane.




<xsd:element name="warnings">
         <xsd:element ref="xsf2:warning" maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" />
      <xsd:anyAttribute  processContents="skip" />


The warnings element contains a set of warning elements that correspond to the different categories of messages that a user can make hidden or visible using the Options drop-down button in the Design Checker task pane. The value of the source attribute of a warning element corresponds to one of the message categories in the following table.

source AttributeMessage Category
browsercompatibility Browser Compatibility
browsweroptimizationBrowser Optimization

Note   If this element or attribute is in the form definition file (.xsf), InfoPath Forms Services will ignore this setting when the form template is deployed to the server as a browser-compatible form.


The following is an example of the warnings parent element with a set of warning elements.

   <xsf2:warning source="browsercompatibility" hidden="yes"></xsf2:warning>
   <xsf2:warning source="browsweroptimization" hidden="yes"></xsf2:warning>
   <xsf2:warning source="import" hidden="yes"></xsf2:warning>
   <xsf2:warning source="offline" hidden="yes"></xsf2:warning>