This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

xDocumentClass Element

Office 2007

The root element of the form definition (.xsf) file file. Contains all other elements and attributes of the .xsf file.




author(Optional attribute) Identifies the author of the form.
dataFormSolution(Optional attribute) Identifies the form as a database form.
description(Optional attribute) A brief description of the form.
name(Optional attribute) Provides a unique, Uniform Resource Name (URN)–based name for the form that the .xsf file defines.
productVersion(Optional attribute) Identifies the version number of InfoPath with which the form has been created or for which a particular form is intended.
publishUrl(Optional attribute) Identifies where the form was published and where the form template should download updates from.
requireFullTrust(Optional attribute) Allows the form to run as a fully trusted form when a form template is registered or signed with a certificate.
solutionFormatVersion(Required attribute) Identifies the version number that represents the format of the .xsf file.
solutionVersion(Optional attribute) Identifies the version number of the form.
xmlns(Required attribute) Defines the xsf namespace.
applicationParameters(Optional element) Contains form-specific properties that describe how a form should be used in InfoPath design mode.
customValidation(Optional element) Defines rule-based custom validation on top of all validation enforced through the XML Schema.
dataObjects(Optional element) Defines all secondary data objects used in an InfoPath form.
documentSchemas(Optional element) Defines the XML Schemas that the InfoPath form is designed to handle.
documentSignatures(Optional element) Defines the location of the digital signature XML Document Object Model (DOM) node within the form's underlying XML document.
documentVersionUpgrade(Optional element) Defines how forms created with an older version of the form template can be upgraded to the latest version of the form template.
domEventHandlers(Optional element) Contains pointers to various script-based event handlers that react to changes in XML DOM nodes of a form's underlying XML document while the form is being filled out.
extensions(Optional element) Includes minor upgrades to the InfoPath .xsf file that can be used by future releases of InfoPath or by specific forms.
fileNew(Optional element) Provides a reference to an .xml file containing sample data, to be loaded when a user chooses to create a new form based on the form template.
importParameters(Optional element) Contains all the parameters that define how the import (merge) forms feature works for the form.
listProperties(Optional element) Identifies the properties that should be on a list view of all forms belonging to a form template.
package(Required element) Contains information about all of the files used in an InfoPath form.
query(Optional element) Associates a data adapter with the form's underlying XML document.
schemaErrorMessages(Optional element) Contains custom error messages used to override XML Schema data type errors.
scripts(Optional element) Defines the source of all business logic scripts used at the document level in the form.
submit(Optional element) Contains information about the submission functionality of a form.
taskpane(Optional element) Defines a custom task pane to be used in an InfoPath form.
views(Required element) Defines all of the views that have been implemented in an InfoPath form.
trustLevel(Optional attribute) Specifies the trust level of a form.
trustSetting(Optional attribute) Specifies the trust setting of a form.


The xDocumentClass element is a required element and must be present in the InfoPath .xsf file.

The attributes that are contained within the xDocumentClass element are collectively called the global metadata section. The global metadata section of the .xsf file is a required section that contains global information about the InfoPath form.


The following is an example of the xDocumentClass element:

   author="Frank Miller"
   description="Travel Report form for entering travel reports, issues, expenses, etc."
   solutionVersion = ""