This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

toolbar Element

Office 2007

Contains information about the toolbars used in the view.




button(Optional element) Defines a button that has an associated action.
caption(Required attribute) Used as the title of the toolbar, when the toolbar is not docked to the user interface.
name(Required attribute) Identifies the corresponding toolbar within different views. Must be unique within a given view.
menu(Optional element) Contains information about the menus used within the toolbar.


The toolbar element is an optional element of the view element. There can be multiple toolbars declared for a view, and each toolbar can have multiple menu or button elements.


The following is an example of the toolbar element:

<xsf:toolbar caption="CD Collection Toolbar"
   name="CD Collection Toolbar">
   <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="CD_10"
      caption="New CD" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="Track_14" 
      caption="New Track" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:button action="xOptional::insert" xmlToEdit="Label_16" 
      caption="New Label" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
   <xsf:menu caption="Remove">
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::remove" xmlToEdit="CD_10" 
         caption="CD" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::remove" xmlToEdit="Track_14" 
         caption="Track" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xOptional::remove" xmlToEdit="Label_16" 
         caption="Label" showIf="always"></xsf:button>