This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

taskpane Element

Office 2007

Defines a custom task pane to be used in a Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 form.




caption(Required attribute) Defines the caption used in the task pane drop-down list box.
href(Required attribute) Specifies the relative or absolute Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to an .html file.


The taskpane element is an optional element of the xDocumentClass element.

The task pane is a modeless panel that appears to the right of the main form area. Task panes contain commands specific to completing tasks that are related to a single form. InfoPath supports the use of a single custom task pane.

To get multiple task pane behavior, you can include multiple .htm files in the form template and use the Navigate method of the HTMLTaskPane object in the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 object model to navigate to different .htm files.


The following is an example of the taskpane element:

      caption="Design Issues Help"