This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

submit Element

Office 2007

Contains information about the submission functionality of a form.




caption(Optional attribute) Defines the name of the submit button and corresponding menu item that will appear on the File menu when a user is filling out the form.
disableMenuItem(Optional attribute) Specifies whether the menu item for the submit operation should be disabled.
errorMessage(Optional element) Specifies the text to be used in the error message. If the showStatusDialog attribute of the submit element is set to "no", this element will be ignored.
onAfterSubmit(Optional attribute) Specifies whether the form should be closed, kept open, or if a new form should be created after a successful submission.
showSignatureReminder(Optional attribute) Specifies whether a dialog box should be displayed to prompt the user to digitally sign the form before submitting it.
showStatusDialog(Optional attribute) Specifies whether the status dialog box should be shown after the submit operation. Values include "yes" and "no". The default values is "yes".
successMessage(Optional element) Specifies the text to be used to notify the user that the submission was successful.
useHttpHandler(Optional element) Specifies that the form is to be submitted to the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the specified HTTP method.
useScriptHandler(Optional element) Specifies that the form is to be submitted by scripting code in the associated script file. Submit code must be written in the OnSubmitRequest event handler in the form's primary scripting file.
useQueryAdapter(Optional element) Specifies that the form is to be submitted to the same data adapter as specified in the query element.
webServiceAdapter(Optional element) Specifies that the form is to be submitted to a Web service adapter.
submitAction(Optional element) Specifies the data adapter used to submit the form.


The submit element is an optional element of the xDocumentClass element.


The following is an example of the submit element:

   <xsf:successMessage>Submit was successful.</xsf:successMessage>
   <xsf:errorMessage>Submit was not successful.</xsf:errorMessage>