This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

menuArea Element

Office 2007

Contains information about the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 built-in menus used in the view.




button(Optional element) Defines a button that has an associated action.
name(Required attribute) Corresponds to one of the built-in InfoPath top-level menus.
menu(Optional element) Contains information about the menus used within the menu area.


The menuArea element is an optional element of the view element.

The menuArea element is analogous to the top-level menus found in InfoPath when filling out a form. Multiple buttons or menus can be declared within a menuArea element. Each button element creates an additional menu item within the corresponding built-in menu, specified by the name attribute of the menuArea element, and has an action (or command) associated with it. If a menu element is nested within a menuArea element, this creates a cascading menu off of the built-in menu.


The following is an example of the menuArea element:

<xsf:menuArea name="msoInsertMenu">
   <xsf:menu caption="&amp;Section">
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="CD_10"
         caption="CD" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xCollection::insert" xmlToEdit="Track_14" 
         caption="Track" showIf="always"></xsf:button>
      <xsf:button action="xOptional::insert" xmlToEdit="Label_16"