This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

editWith Element

Office 2007

Specifies an instance of an editing component, and provides the corresponding parameters to determine its exact behavior.




allowedFileTypes(Optional attribute) Specifies the file extensions of files that can be attached to the form.
autoComplete(Optional attribute) Switches the auto-completion of fields on or off.
caption(Optional attribute) Specifies an identifier for alternate forms of XML data to be used in the editing component.
component(Required attribute) Specifies the name of the editing component that will be referenced within the action attribute of a button element.
field(Optional attribute) Specifies a relative XPath expression from the XML Document Object Model (DOM) node specified by the item attribute of the xmlToEdit element.
fragmentToInsert(Optional element) Contains alternate versions of XML data (fragments).
proofing(Optional attribute) Switches the proofing features, such as the spelling checker, on or off.
removeAncestors(Optional attribute) Specifies the number of ancestor (parent) elements to be removed when the last item is removed.
type(Optional attribute) Specifies the type of editing for the fields that match the XPath expression specified by the item attribute of the xmlToEdit element.
widgetIcon(Optional attribute) Specifies whether or not a modified widget icon will be shown for filtered items.
useFilter(Optional attribute) Indicates the user wants a filter widget.
filterDependency(Optional attribute) Specifies automatic reapplication of the filter when filter fields change.
maxLength(Optional attribute) Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed for text boxes.


The editWith element is an optional element of the xmlToEdit element.

If the viewContext attribute of the xmlToEdit element is defined, the parameters of the editWith element are associated with the specified view context.


The following is an example of the editWith element:

   <xsf:xmlToEdit name="CD_10"
      <xsf:editWith caption="CD"
            <xsf:chooseFragment parent="CDCollection">