Windows Live Admin Center SDK Reference

The web service mirrors most of the functionality available through the Windows Live Admin Center web user interface (UI).

All methods marked as Restricted are reserved for Microsoft partners and will throw an exception if permissions for that domain are not granted by Microsoft. If you are a partner and have a need to access these methods, contact us at For examples of issuing these calls in Microsoft Visual C#, see the code samples described in Code Samples for the Windows Live Admin Center SDK.


GetLoginUrl Method — Returns URL needed by Windows Live ID to return an authentication ticket for administrative actions.

GetLoginDataTemplate Method — Retrieves the data template used to obtain the Windows Live ID authentication ticket.

VerifyAuthData Method — Returns True if the provided Windows Live ID ticket is generated by a valid Admin Center administrator.

Creating Members

CreateMember Method — Creates a new member in a domain.

CreateMemberWithProperties Method (Restricted) — Creates a new member in a domain with additional properties.

CreateMemberWithPropertiesEx Method (Restricted) — Creates a new member in a domain with additional credentials and properties.

ProvisionMemberSubscription Method (Restricted) — Adds a subscription on a member account in the domain.

Deleting Members

DeleteMember Method — Deletes a member from a domain.

DeprovisionMemberSubscription Method (Restricted) — Removes a subscription on a member account in the domain.

Member Management

ConvertMemberSubscription Method (Restricted) — Converts a member subscription from one offerName to another offerName.

CreateAlias Method — Creates an alias for a member in the domain.

DeleteAlias Method — Deletes an alias for a member in the domain.

EnumMembers Method — Lists members in a domain.

EvictUnmanagedMember Method — Evicts an existing Windows Live ID account.

GetAliasesForAccount Method — Lists all aliases for a member in a domain.

GetMemberCount Method — Returns the number of members in a domain.

GetMemberInfo Method — Returns information about a given member.

GetMemberNameState Method — Returns the state of a member name.

ImportUnmanagedMember Method — Imports an existing member.

MemberHasSubscription Method (Restricted) — Returns true if a member has a specified offerName.

MemberNameToNetId Method (Restricted) — Returns the Windows Live network ID associated with a member name.

NetIdToMemberName Method (Restricted) — Returns the member name associated with a Windows Live network ID.

RenameMember Method — Renames a member from the old member name to the new member name.

ResetMemberPassword Method (Restricted) — Resets a member password.

SetMemberEmailAccess Method (Restricted) — Sets permission for the member to access their email.

SetMemberProperties Method (Restricted) — Sets the profile properties of a member that is in the domain.

Domain Properties

EnumDomains Method — Returns the name of all domains owned by the currently authenticated user or certificate, and information about each domain.

GetDomainInfo Method — Returns information about a domain.

Service Validation

TestConnection Method — Tests the web service connection and authentication by echoing a string back to the user.



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