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User Interface

Office 2007

This page links to help on widely used user-interface tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, see How Do I… in Access.


How to: Apply a Custom Ribbon When Starting Access
Describes how to display a custom ribbon when Access starts.
How to: Apply a Custom Ribbon to a Form or Report
Describes how to display a custom ribbon when a particular form or report is opened.
How to: Hide the Ribbon When Access Starts
Describes how to hide the Ribbon when opening a database.


How to: Detect User Idle Time or Inactivity
Illustrates how to use a hidden form to detect when a user has been inactive for a given period of time.
How to: Detect Whether an Object Is Open
Describes how to determine whether an object is already open.
How to: Display and Use the File Dialog Box
Describes how to use the FileDialog object to display the file dialog box used by Microsoft Access and to determine what files were selected by the user.
How to: Use Existing Custom Menus and Toolbars
Describes how to use menu and toolbar customizations of databases created in earlier versions of Access.
How to: Use the Status Bar Progress Meter
Describes how to use the SysCmd method to create a progress meter on the status bar.

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