EDI-AS2 Status Reports UI


This section describes the pages that you use to display the status of EDI interchanges, EDI batches, and AS2 and MDN messages.

EDI status reports are hosted as query reports off of the Group Hub Page in the BizTalk Server Administration Console application. Clicking any of the EDI or AS2 status report links on the Group Hub Page spawns a new tab page with a query expression window on the top and a single grid of results on the bottom. The query expression windows contain command buttons that you can use to run, save, or load the query.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

A status-report query will search only the active BAMPrimaryInput database. It will not search the BAMArchive database.

EDI Interchange and Correlated ACK Status Page UI

Batch Status Page UI

Interchange Aggregation Report Page UI

Transaction Set Aggregation Report Page UI

AS2 Message and Correlated MDN Status Page UI

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