ContributorGlobalSettings Object

Represents global settings for Contributor Mode options in the active Web site.

Version Information
 Version Added:  SPD 2007


Use the WriteSettingsToXML method and the ReadSettingsToXML method, respectively, to write global settings to an XML file on disk and to read settings data from an XML file on disk or from an XML binary large object (BLOB) that you save to a Web site by using the CommitToWeb method.

Use the GetActiveSettingGroup method to retrieve currently active settings from ContributorGlobalSettings. If you want to retrieve the currently active settings from the currently active editable region, use the GetActiveSettingGroupForRegion method.

Use the ActiveGroupName, Application, DefaultGroupName, Groups, Parent, and Region properties, respectively, to return objects that represent the active ContributorGroup object, the Office SharePoint Designer application, the name of the default ContributorGroup object, all contributor groups defined in the ContributorGroups object, an object that represents the parent of the specified object, and a list of editable regions available to the ContributorGlobalSettings object.

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