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Documents.AddBlogDocument Method

Office 2007
Returns a Document object that represents a new blog document that Microsoft Office Word publishes to the account described by the first three parameters.


expression.AddBlogDocument(ProviderID, PostURL, BlogName, PostID)

expression   An expression that returns a Documents object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ProviderIDRequiredStringA GUID that is the unique value a provider uses when they register themselves with Word.
PostURLRequiredStringThe URL that is used to add posts to the blog.
BlogNameRequiredStringA display name for the blog that will be used in Word.
PostIDOptionalStringThe ID for an existing post with which to populate the document created by using the AddBlogDocument method.


This method creates a new document, and it also registers the specified blog account with Word if it is not already registered. In addition, if the PostID parameter is specified, the new document is populated with the contents of the post specified by the value of the PostID parameter, from the provider's Web site.

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