This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

New Objects, Collections, and Enumerations

Office 2007

New Objects and Collections

The following objects and collections have been added to the object model in Microsoft Office Access 2007.

Object or Collection Description
Attachment Thsi object corresponds to an attachment control. Use an attachment control when you want to manipulate the contents fields of the attacment data type.
ImportExportSpecification Represents a saved import or export operation.
ImportExportSpecifications Represents the collection of available ImportExportSpecification objects.
MacroError Represents the properties of a run-time error that occurs in a macro.
TempVar Represents a variable that be used in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code or from a macro.
TempVars Represents the collection of TempVar objects.

New Enumerations

The following enumerations have been added to the object model in Microsoft Office Access 2007.

Enumerations Description
AcCursorOnHover Used with the CursorOnHover property to specify the type of cursor displayed when a user rests the pointer on a button.
AcDefReportView Use with the DefaultView property to set or return the opening view of a report.
AcDisplayAs Use with the DisplayAs property to specify what is displayed in an Attachment control.
AcDisplayAsHyperlink Used with the DisplayAsHyperlink property to specify whether to display the contents of a text box or combo box as a hyperlink.
AcExportQuality Use with the OutputTo method to specify the type of output device to optimize for when exporting an object.
AcHorizontalAnchor Used with the HorizontalAnchor property to specify how a control is anchored horizontally within its layout.
AcNewDatabaseFormat Used with the NewCurrentDatabase method to specify the database format of the newly created database.
AcProperty Used with the SetProperty method to specify which property to set for a control.
AcSeparatorCharacters Used with the SeparatorCharacters property to specify the separator displayed between values in combo boxes that are linked to multi-valued fields.
AcSharePointListTransferType Used with the TransferSharePointList method to specify whether to import or link to a SharePoint list.
AcSplitFormDatasheet Used with the SplitFormDatasheet property to specify whether the user can edit contents of the datasheet while a form is displayed in Split Form view.
AcSplitFormOrientation Used with the SplitFormOrientation property to specify the orientation of the datasheet in relation to the form while in Split Form view.
AcSplitFormPrinting Used with the SplitFormPrinting property to specify what to print when a form is in Split Form view.
AcTextFormat Used with the TextFormat property to specify whether or not rich text is displayed in a Text Box.
AcVerticalAnchor Used with the VerticalAnchor property to specify how a control is anchored vertically within its layout.